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Ultrasonic welding of screen aluminum belts at producing of common and fiber-optic communication cables

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Ultrasonic welding unit I100-7/6

When manufacturing of cable production a necessity of aluminum belt splicing which forms a safe (screen) metal layer in cable construction is arisen. Aluminum belt of 0.1 ÷ 0.2 mm thickness with one-sided polyethylene cover is set to device in bobbin and when changing of gone bobbin it's necessary to connect belt's ends.

For banding of thin aluminum belt ends a soldering with spelter is traditionally applied, which doesn't satisfied to series of technical requirements. Laser welding forms joint by single welding points, that is not always acceptable under manufacturing of cable production. Traditional ways of welding are not applicable for belt thickness less than 0.2 mm.

As a result of scientific-research and experimental-design works our company "Ultrasonic technique — INLAB" LTD has designed and manufactured I100-7/6 for overlapped banding of thin aluminum belt ends by ultrasonic welding.

The following main requirements are presented to binding:

  • satisfied coefficient of binding durability;
  • binding must provide reliable electric contact;
  • indexes of mechanical durability and electrical conduciveness must kept during all time of cable exploita-tion;
  • belt thickness at connection area mustn't exceed double thickness of belt.

Welding is produced without fluxes and protective atmosphere. By durability and longevity a welding binding doesn't yield to main material of belt. Time of overlapped joint imposition under 45° angle to all width of aluminum belt (35 mm) is 4 sec. Unit provides fast turning when changing of belt' width and thickness.

Ultrasonic welding unit IL100-7/6
Full set consists of:
- ultrasonic generator I10-2.0;
- ultrasonic magnetostrictive transducer;
- power supplying block with assembled key of pneumatic relay control;
- digital programmable controller of technological processes;
- stand with pneumatic drive.
Technical performances:
- power consumption, kW, no more (generator I10-2.0) 2.0
- mean power consumption, kW, no more 0.4
- supplying voltage 220 В ± 10%, 50 Hz
- operating frequency, kHz 22 ± 10%
- operating air pressure, bar. 4-6
- mass of set, kg, no more 75

Welding joint

Welding joint Welding joint Welding joint Welding joint
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