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Ultrasonic welding of metals

Ultrasonic welding unit I100-7/5

LLC «Ultrasonic technique - INLAB» designs, manufactures and supplies equipment for ultrasonic welding of metals. Ultrasonic welding unit I100-7/5 is destined for contact welding of different goods by ultrasound. Ultrasonic welding differs advantageously from other ways of welding by absence of electrical current in welding area; by possibility of welding of high thermal conducting materials: silver, copper etc.; it's possible to weld dissimilar materials and materials with different thickness; it is welding without beforehand clearing and re-moving of oxide skins.

Ultrasonic welding unit IL100-7/5

Full set consists of:

  • ultrasonic generator I10-4.0;
  • ultrasonic magnetostrictive transducer;
  • power supplying block with assembled key of pneumatic relay control;
  • digital programmable controller of technological processes;
  • stand with pneumatic drive.

Technical performances:

- power consumption, kW, no more (generator I10-4.0)
- mean power consumption, kW, no more
- supplying voltage
- operating frequency, kHz
- operating air pressure, bar
- mass of set, kg, no more
- cooling of transducer
220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz
22 ± 10%
4 - 6


Welding sonotrodes and work tools for fixing of parts welded are designed and manufactured for concrete configuration of welding joint and parts welded, and they're price is defined individually.

Welding unit can be manufactured under accommodated technical requirements of Customer.

Warranty period - 12 months.

Samples of metals welded:

Copper stranded wire of 16 mm2 and
copper, relay electricity to 100A
Stranded copper wire and
copper terminals 
Ultrasonic welding unit I100-7/5
Samples of metals welded Samples of metals welded Samples of metals welded Samples of metals welded Samples of metals welded

Copper bus with 2 mm thickness - silver plate with 0.15 mm thickness.

Copper wire with 1.5 mm2 cross section - steel plate with 0.5 mm thickness.

Copper bus with 4.5 у 2 mm cross section - connection

Copper wire with 1.5 mm2 cross section - brass plate with 0.25 mm thickness.

Copper bus with 2 mm thickness - nickel plate with 0.3 mm thickness.

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