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Ultrasonic electrospark doping

Ultrasonic set for aerosols generating I100-20-0.1 «TUMAN»

Ultrasonic aerosol generator is destined for spraying of liquids at ultrasonic sonotrode-emitter located in device frame, and formation of gas (in general case - air) flux included drops of sprayed liquid.

Performance specification:

Генератор аэрозолей «ТУМАН» productivity , no less, m3/hour 1
operating frequency, kHz 22±10%
power consumption, kW, no more 2.2
power supply, V 220±10%
power of ultrasonic generator, W, no less 50
supply frequency, Hz 50
overall sizes, mm, no more 120x400xh650
maximum operating temperature of reactor, °C 95
mass, no more, kg 20

Production consists of:

Arrangement and operation:

Under action of ultrasonic oscillations and under atmospheric pressure in reactor spraying of liquid ingressing to sonotrode-emitter occurs. Suspension formed is taken away from outlet hole by gage pressure.

I100-20 - set for obtaining of aerosols on neutral liquids base.

I100-20-0.1 - set for obtaining of aerosols on aggressive liquids base, frame is made of titanium alloys.

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