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Ultrasonic tinning unit 100-3/4

Ultrasonic set I100-3/4 is destined for tinning by tin-lead solder of goods made of materials which are hard-tined and not tined by common ways. By this unit one can tin and solder products made of aluminum and its alloys, titanium and its alloys, stainless steels of different compositions, glass, ceramics etc.

Under the action of ultrasonic oscillations in solder melt ultrasonic cavitation occurs. Cavitation provides removing of dirtying and oxide film from surfaces of goods, exposed to tinning.

Ultrasonic set I100-3/4 consists of two blocks:

  • Block of ultrasonic bath with heater and temperature control system;
  • Control block which includes ultrasonic generator and digital controller.

Ультразвуковая установка лужения ил100-3/4.

The 2015 model year

Performance data:
power supply, V 220±10 %
frequency of circuit, Hz 50
temperature range of surrounding air, °C 10 - 35
power consumption, no more, kW:
 - mode of solder heating
 - working mode of ultrasonic generator

maximum temperature of solder melt, °C 450
overall sizes, mm:
 - bath with set ultrasonic transducer
 - control block
 - mass, kg


Examples of aluminum conductors tinning:
Лужение и пайка алюминиевого провода с медным наконечником Лужение пакета алюминиевых шин Лужение алюминиевой шины


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