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Ultrasonic technological complex I100-35/n

Ultrasonic technological complex I100-35/n

Complex is intended for deriving of finished product by ultrasonic dispersion method (homogenization, emulsification) of starting materials in continuous and cyclic mode.



Equipment consists of:

1. System of circulation and treatment of starting (raw) materials:

- carrying frame made of stainless steel;

- storage tank made of stainless steel;

- pipeline and on-off valves made of stainless steel;

- circulating pumps made of stainless steel with necessary parameters and power;  

- flow-type heat-exchangers for raw heating or cooling made of stainless steel;

- array of control, measuring and safety sensors;

- ultrasonic flow-type dispersant made of stainless steel with integrated acoustic system at the base of magnetostrictive transducer and sonotrode-dispersant made of titanium alloy: quantity is from 1 unit to several ones;

2. Power system and control system:

- stand;

- ultrasonic generator I10-4.0;

- variable frequency drives of pumps control;

- self-contained cooling system of ultrasonic magnetostrictive transducer;

- PC with software for set controlling, for control and reporting of technological process.  

Technical parameters (with 1 flow-type dispersant):

Power supply 3 phases, 380 V, 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption 10 kW
Average power consumption 5 kW
Power of ultrasonic dispersant 4 kW, smooth adjustment, is preset by automated control system 
Operation frequency of acoustic system 22 kHz ± 10%
Productivity of set Productivity is adjusted depending on necessary time of raw treatment, composition of raw and requirements for final product.
Overall sizes 3000х2000х2200 mm
Mass of 300 kg

Parameters of set may be changed by request of Customer: the tank can have different volume, quantity of installed in series dispersants can be up to 4 units and more, array of necessary sensors for technological process control is defined by Customer, software is adapted for specified technological process.  

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