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Ultrasonic activation of chemical processes. Sonochemistry.

Ultrasonic activation of chemical processes. Sonochemistry

Intensification of chemical reactions rate in liquid medium is one of the principal industrial chemistry problem. Customary as a rule this is achieved by increasing of reagents concentration, increasing of temperature or pressure, by applying of expensive catalysts.

Ultrasonic activation is one of the modern ways of chemical reactions accelerating. It is significant that applying of ultrasound not only allows to increase rate of chemical reaction, but also increases percent of reacted substances. Liquid medium is being exposed to ultrasonic cavitational treatment, one can obtain chemical reactions which are impossible in other cases.

Emulsification and dispersion of reagents inside ultrasonic reactor increases significantly surface of chemical reaction processing. Applying of ultrasonic activation is possible in two-phase systems; in additive reactions, substitution reactions; in metal-organic chemistry; in petrochemistry; in catalysis; in polymer chemistry; in different chemical technologies.

One of the engineering solution possible variant of ultrasound application for perto chemistry processes activation is represented at Fig. 1.

Fig.1. Ultrasonic generator isn't shown.

Reactor at photo (fig. 1) has coaxial construction. Base of ultrasonic activator is cascade emitting sonotrode. Another types of ultrasonic emitters can be used. Transducer is of magnetostrictive type. Operating frequency - 22 kHz. For present ultrasonic chemical reactor ultrasonic generator I10-2.0 with 2 kW of power output was used.

Our company develops and manufactures ultrasonic chemical reactors for various applications. Range of operating temperatures and pressures, design, material of reactor and ultrasonic emitter can be different and are determined by accommodation with Customer. Power of ultrasonic generator and transducer are determined by necessary consumption of reagents, volume of reacting medium.

Development and manufacturing of ultrasonic activator into existing equipment of Customer is possible.

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