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Ultrasonic laboratory unit

We call your attention to universal source of ultrasonic oscillations in liquids and elastic solids. The name "Laboratory unit" indicates wide application of this ultrasonic equipment set. This unit can be used in scientific and laboratory researches, in semi-industrial and industrial application. For providing of application flexibility series of Laboratory units are manufactured from I100-6/1 with power 630 W to I100-6/6 with power 5000 W (fig. 2). Operating frequency is 22 kHz, amplitude of ultrasonic oscillations at top of ultrasonic transducer is 40 µm.

Using of magnetostrictive ultrasonic transducers of our own design and manufacturing, application of modern magnetic materials and original circuit solutions in ultrasonic generators allows providing a guarantee for this equipment - one year of continuous operation. In order to increase technical parameters of this ultrasonic equipment all acoustic system are made of titanium alloys.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

The set consists of laboratory post, ultrasonic generator, high-Q and high-performance magnetostrictive transducer and three sonotrodes-emitters (concentrators) for transducer. Ultrasonic generator of I100 series has stepped turning of power output: 50%, 75%, 100% of rated power. Turning of frequency and presence of three different sonotrodes-emitters in set (with gain coefficients 1:0.5, 1:1 Х 1:2) allows obtaining different amplitude of ultrasonic oscillations in liquids and elastic solids under consideration approximately from 1 to 80 µm at frequency 22 kHz.

Many years' experience of manufacturing and selling of ultrasonic equipment proves purposeful necessity in outfit of all types of modern high-technology manufacturing by Laboratory units.

Obtaining of nano-materials and nano-structures, adoption and progress of nano-technologies is impossible without applying of ultrasonic equipment.

By the use of this ultrasonic equipment it's possible to:

  • obtain nano-powders of metals;
  • apply it in carrying out of works with fullerenes;
  • investigate nuclear reactions behavior under high sound fields (cold thermonuclear reaction);
  • induce sonoluminescence in liquids for research and industrial purposes;
  • generate fine-dispersed normalized O/W and W/O emulsions;
  • insonificate wood;
  • excite ultrasonic oscillations in metal melts for degasification;
  • do many others.

NEW! Indicator of frequency and sound pressure in ultrasonic band in liquid medium. Unit allows indicating presence of ultrasonic oscillations in liquid medium in 100-99000 Hz band and estimating sound pressure induced in medium.

Unit can be used:

  • for laboratory investigations of ultrasonic cavitation influence on different liquids and samples put in liquid;
  • for dissolving of sparingly and poorly soluble substances and liquids in other liquids;
  • for carrying out tests of different liquids for cavitation durability. For example, for determination of viscosity stability of industrial oils (GOST 6794-75 for oil AMG-10);
  • for researches of impregnation velocity changing of fibrous materials under ultrasound action and for improving of fibrous materials impregnation by different fillers;
  • for elimination of mineral particles aggregation under hydrosorting (abrasive powders, geomodifiers, natural and artificial diamonds and so on);
  • for elimination of mineral particles aggregation under hydrosorting (abrasive powders, geomodifiers, natural and artificial diamonds and so on);
  • for cavitation durability researches of machineries and mechanisms pieces.
  • and in the simplest case, as high-efficiency ultrasonic clearing bath. Precipitate and deposits at laboratory vessels are removed or dissolved in seconds.

Ultrasonic laboratory unit of I100-6/X series is manufactured under authority of Russian patent for a utility model № 2266805.

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