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Ultrasonic generators with output cascades on MOSFET transistors and ultrasonic magnetostrictive emitters

Ultrasonic generators with output cascades on MOSFET transistors and ultrasonic magnetostrictive emitters

Performance data

Performance data Ultrasonic generator I10-...
840 0.63 2.0 4.0
Voltage with frequency 50 Hz 220 ± 10% 380 ± 10%
Number of phases 1 3
Working frequency, kHz 22±10%
Maximum power, W, no less 1000 700 2200 4200
Frequency range, kHz, ± 10% 22-44
22 22 22
Efficiency for φ=0.86, no less 0.92
Number of connected transducers, items 1

constrained air

Working mode

not limited

Overall sizes, mm, no more





Mass of generator, kg, no more 6 7,5 12 15

Generators are equipped with phase automatic frequency control (PLL) and with source of polarization with output current up to 20 A. Output frequency can be changed to any side, up to 500 kHz. Series of output voltages is standardized and submitted under ordering. Adjustment of power is stepped or smooth (by request). Control of generator can be realized by external signals. Performance of generator's frame can be table (standard), embedding, damp-proof and dust-tight etc..

To client's order the generators are completed with ultra sonic emitters for various technological using. The basis part of proposed US-emitters are magnetostrictive converters. We produce and supply any magnetostrictive converters based on nickel, ferrocobalt, ferroaluminum and other know magnetostrictive materials and alloys.

It is possible to design and supply the ultrasound generators of unit power from 100W to 20 kW and associated magnetostrictive transducers.

All the devices are copyrighted. US-equipment is designed and produced by firm "Ultrasonic technique - INLAB" LTD under the direction of Director Alexander Novik. All the devices have findings on their ecological safety. Continuous tracking of our equipment applying experience by our customers allowed creating of ultrasonic generators which has optimal adapt to applying both in researching laboratories and at industry. High-amplitude magnetostrictive transducers with oscillations amplitude up to 40 Hm, with electro-acoustic efficiency 60-80% have no analogs all over the world, lifetime is more than 1 year (real is three – ten years), transducers' impact-resistance and resistance to significant mechanical loads differ them advantageously from piezoceramic transducers. Using of these ultrasonic magnetostrictive transducers in ultrasonic welding units (welding and cutting of plasticsultrasonic welding of metals) of our production eliminates applying of busters (acoustic amplifiers). The devices have a one-year warranty in Russia. In case of wholesale ordering significant discounts are allowed.

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