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Ultrasonic emulsifiers, dispergators and extractors

Universal ultrasonic unit

At the present time new generation of universal ultrasonic units has been designed and introduced into production, which allows producing emulsions, including oil-in-water emulsions, fine-dispersed liquors and extracts, which have wide spectrum of positive properties.

Universal ultrasonic unit

Ultrasonic units allows very quickly producing of emulsions, suspensions and solutions, which are used in production of shortening and confectionery, allows realizing quickly dissolution of sugar, homogenizing of dried milk in solutions and many others. Units are designed as tabletop machine and are serviced by one operator, they differs advantageously by small dimensions, low power consumption, easy of using and high productivity.

Applying of this equipment undoubtedly improves production level, providing unquestionable competitive advantage.

We would like to bring to your attention article "Ultrasonic equipment in breadmaking" (in Russian), devoted to ultrasonic method of oil-water emulsions producing for baking and confectionary industry.

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