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Ultrasonic arcing alloying. Increase of wear resistance and hardness of details

Ultrasonic set I100-2 for increase of wear resistance and hardness of details by method of arcing alloying.

Ultrasonic set I100-2. Set includes handle ultrasonic instrument for treatment of different details to increase wear resistance and hardness of surfaces and cutting edges. It's possible to treat details of punching rigging; cutting and metalworking instrument; working edges of metal and wood treating mills and saws etc.

Handle ultrasonic instrument include clip of pliers, diameter of electrode is 3mm, as electrode can be used any electroconductive material from carbon to wolfram. Set allows to apply any electroconductive material to electroconductive details. Description of ultrasonic arcing alloying technology can be found at handle-books - reinforcing by physical and physical-chemical methods.

Set has all necessary tunings for setting different technological modes of ultrasonic arcing alloying.

Установка ультразвукового электроискрового легирования с ручным инструментом. Performance data:
power consumption, W, no more 250
voltage 220 V ± 10%
working frequency, kHz 22
kind of ultrasonic transducer piezoceramic
power of ultrasonic generator, W, no less 50
power of arcing generator, W, no less 180
mass of set, kg, no more 5
natural air-cooling  

It's possible to elaborate and manufacture instrument of ultrasonic arcing alloying for installation to metal-processing machinetools for technology, offered by client.

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