Ultrasonic technique — INLAB


Ultrasonic dispersion, emulsification. Flow-type dispersants. Sonochemistry

Dispersion and deaeration of fluids



Ultrasonic laboratory dispersants. Operating frequency is 22 kHz (frequencies 18, 30, 44 kHz and others are possible by Customer request), power output of ultrasonic generator is from 0.63 kW to 5.0 kW. Dispersants can be used for forced mixing (dissolution) of different substances; for deriving of different emulsions; for deriving of high-quality solutions, for example alcohol in water; for making and maintaining of suspensions, for example for producing of electroplating equipment; and so on.



Ultrasonic flow-type dispersants. Operating frequency is 22 kHz, power output if from 0.63 kW to 5.0 kW and more.


Ultrasonic dispersant-bath on the base of high-amplitude rod-type magnetostrictive transducers with power 4 kW, operating frequency is 22 kHz.

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