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Ultrasonic deaeration set I100-1

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Ultrasonic deaerator is destined for removing of gases (O2 and CO2) from boiler-house supplying water, which cause corrosion of boiler metal, pipes of heating systems and heating equipment.

Deaerator is made of ferrous metals, but if it's necessary to de-aerate drinkables (spirit, juices etc.) it could be made of food stainless steel or titanium.

Under the action of ultrasonic oscillations (with atmosphere pressure at reactor) degassing of water flowing through the reactor occurs. Exhausting gases are taken away to atmosphere. Liquid comes to deaerator output under atmosphere pressure.

To make deaeration of boiler-house supplying water better, water is to be heated up to the temperature +30°C - +80°C before deaerator input.

Deaerator consists of the following blocks:

  • block of deaeration with ultrasonic reactor;
  • ultrasonic generator;
  • digital controller.

Exploitation conditions of set:

  • temperature of surrounding air: from +10°C to +35°C;
  • range of de-aerated water working temperatures: from +30°C to +80°C;
  • relative dampness: up to 65% with +20°C;

Technical data:

maximum working pressure of water, ba 6
productivity, no less, m3/hour 1
power consumption, no more, kW 1
supplying voltage, V 220±10%
supplying circuit frequency, Hz 50 - 60
overall sizes, mm, no more 500x800xh1450
range of temperatures of surrounding air, °C 10-35
range of de-aerated water temperatures, °C 30-80
maximum working temperature of deaerator's reactor, °C 95
мmass, no more, kg 45
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