Ultrasonic technique — INLAB


Broaching and engraving of ceramic, glass and stone

Ultrasonic semi-automatic unit I100-10 for ultrasonic dimensional treatment

The unit is destined for dimensional treatment of ceramic, glass, quartz, precious and semiprecious stones and other fragile materials.

Complete set consists of:
ultrasonic generator I10-0.63;
device for control of assembly speed motion;
volume for water;
magnetostrictive transducer;
handle for returning of assembly in starting position;
working sonotrode;
vat for abrasive material;
table to place processing materials;
base of unit.
Performance data
power output of generator, no less 630 W;
consumed power, no more 800 W;
voltage 220 ±10% V, 50 Hz;
dimensions, mm 400x400x800
mass, no more, kg 40
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