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Technological complex of low-frequency vibration treatment “Resonance” I100-17

Technological complex of low-frequency vibration treatment “Resonance” I100-17 is intended for stabilization of welded and cast constructions sizes and also for reducing of residual stresses by low-frequency vibration treatment method. 

Dimensional instability of goods in time is defined by value and distribution of residual stresses inserted by welding, by plastic deformation of material and the same technological operations.  The well-known method of residual stresses reducing is thermal (heat) treatment. But inherent disadvantages of thermal treatment related with power intensity, interplant transportation, ambiguous effect of temperature to strength material properties, additional arrangements for descaling limit applying of this method. Sometimes, for example in case of large dimension construction, at the stage of finish mechanical treatment thermal treatment is practically inapplicable.


Low-frequency vibration treatment (LFVT)as one of well-known methods for residual stresses reducing is free from disadvantages of thermal treatment, has less power intensity (practically two-order lower), doesn’t require applying of capital costs and can be realized at work area where construction is produced. Rational choice of treatment technological modes (vibrational force, time and frequency) allows avoiding of goods durability reducing.

Set consists of:

  • Vibration generator "Resonance 1" or "Resonance 2"
  • Control panel for vibration generator

Technical performances of vibrational generators

  Resonance 1 Resonance 2

Тype of

vibration generator
Centrifugal with circular exciting force and disbalance adjusted under non-revolving state  Centrifugal with circular exciting force and disbalance adjusted under non-revolving state
Type of motor anisochronous anisochronous
Power of motor, kW 0.5 1.0
Frequency range, Hz 10 - 120 10 - 120
Maximum vibrational force, kN 18 18
Mass, kg 15 30
Overall sizes, mm 270х190х210 350х250х270

Vibrational generators allow fine adjusting of vibrational force in the range from 0 to 18 kN that provides possibility of practically all mechanical parts treatment.

Control panel of LFVT “Resonance” I100-17 allows promptly changing of frequency and controlling of treatment parameters. 

Technical performances of control panel.

Frequency range, Hz 0 - 400
Accuracy of frequency maintenance, Hz  ±0.5
Range of integrated timer, min 0 - 100
Accuracy of timer, min 1
Supplying voltage, V 380
Maximum power consumption, W 1050
Mass, kg 8.5
Overall sizes, mm 430х370х170


Technological complex LFVT “Resonance” I100-17 is new generation of devices intended for low-frequency vibration treatment. LFVT “Resonance” advantageously differs from previously developed complexes of vibrational treatment by the following parameters:

- reliability (anisochronous motor of vibration generator instead of commutator motor of constant current);

- microcontroller manipulation;

-  system of automatic documenting for realized treatment;

- possibility of amplitude-frequency response deriving for treated construction without using of additional devices;

- accurate determination of construction resonance frequencies with possibility of operational frequency maintenance with accuracy 0.1 Hz.

Above mentioned advantages of complex LFVT “Resonance” I100-17 allow realizing of low-frequency vibration treatment with maximum efficiency and minimum time costs.

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