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Power digital wide-band ultrasonic generator IL10-632

Power digital wide-band ultrasonic generator I10-632

Unique generator allows operating in 15 kHz to 10 MHz range. Operation of generator not only to resonance load but also to unmatched or nonresonance load is acceptable. Generator in operation mode allows smooth changing of operating frequency and output voltage.


Wide-band ultrasonic generator is intended for supplying of ultrasonic piezoceramic transducers or for using as source of electric signal with given frequency and voltage. If additional outer source of polarization current is added generator can be used for supplying of magnetostrictive transducers.


Generator indicates actual value of operating frequency, output voltage level and output current level during operation.

Exploitation conditions:

  • surrounding air temperature - from +10 to +35°C;
  • atmosphere pressure - 100±5 kPa;
  • relative air humidity - up to 80% under +25°C.

Technical performances

Output voltage shape not rated
Output current shape not rated
Load complex
Operating frequency, kHz:
1 sub-band
2 sub-band
3 sub-band
15 - 100 kHz
100 - 1000 kHz
1.0 - 10.0 MHz
Accuracy of operation frequency
value setting, no less, Hz:
1 and 2 sub-bands
3 sub-band
Output voltage amplitude, V:
1 sub-band
2 sub-band
3 sub-band
Accuracy of operation voltage value setting ±10%
Power consumption, no more, W 1000
Power supply, V 220±10%
Power supply frequency, Hz 50
Overall sizes, mm 500х500хh240
Mass, no more, kg 16

Generator is equipped with overtemperature protection and protection from short-circuit at the output.

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