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Magnetization set I100-30 “Impulse magnetic radiator”

Magnetization set I100-30 "Impulse magnetic radiator"

The set is intended for impulse magnetic field impact on different materials.  Materials are to be placed into inductor.

By this set it’s possible to magnetize permanent magnets made of common and rare-earth materials. The set can be used for magnetization of oil and gas equipment (steel pipeline fittings and so on); for magnetic field exposure of oil and petroleum products; for changing of petroleum products rheological properties and so on.

The set is realized in integrated frame, the inductor is installed inside the frame.


Exploitation conditions:

- air temperature: from -10 to +35°C;

- relative humidity: up to 65% under +20°C

Technical parameters

Name of parameter Unit Nominal value Extreme deviation
Induction of magnetic field in the center of inductor, not less Tesla 2 +0,5
Maximum electric power consumption,  no more kW 2,2  
Supplying voltage V 220 ±10
Supplying voltage frequency Hz 50 ±0,4
Time of impulse preparation, no more sek 50 +10
Overall sizes of set, no more mm 450х320х620  
Internal diameter of inductor mm 102 ±2
Length of inductor, not less mm 350 ±5
Mass of set, no more kg 65 ±5
Working life, no less hour 1000  
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