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Set I100-18 «Technological complex «Mag»

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Set I100-18 «Technological complex «Mag»

Technological complex «Mag» is destined for elimination of «magnetic blowout» effect negative influence while welding of pipelines and metalwares.

Technological complex consists of:

  • indicator of «magnetic blowout» - «Delta»;
  • two permanent U-shaped magnets.

Working with technological set:

Removing of «magnetic blowout» performs by permanent magnets by compensation of residual magnetic fields method. Changing of compensation field value performs by location of magnets at different distance from weld. Value of compensated field is controlled by indicator of «magnetic blowout» - «Delta».

Set allows increasing of labor productivity while welding of magnetized tubes and constructions, increasing quality of weld by means of metal spray elimination. Set is used for welding of pipelines and metalwares also in shop and field conditions.

Technical specifications:
Permanent U-shaped magnet:
Compensation magnetic field value up to 1600 A/m;
Length of compensating segment 150-300 mm;
Sizes of magnet «window» 200 x 120 mm;
Magnet mass 3,5 kg.
Indicator of «magnetic blowout» - «Delta»:
Overall sizes of indicator - 105x90x80 mm;
Indicator mass - 0,5 kg;
Thickness of indicator sensor probe - 2 mm;
Length of indicator sensor cable - 1 m;
Operating temperature range -20 - +50°C;
Power supply - three galvanic elements of AA type.

By authority of rightholder. Russian patents № 44416, № 42110.

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