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Set I100-19 «Technological complex «Sura-BM»

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Set I100-19 « Technological complex «Sura-BM»

Destination of set.

The set is destined for demagnetization and compensation of residual magnetic fields while welding of pipelines and other metalwares butts.

It has high efficiency for performing of welding works at trunk gas and oil lines.

It can be used for demagnetization of parts, constructions and machinery made of ferromagnetic steels.

Modes of magnetic fields removing in welding gap are demagnetization and compensation.

Gear supplied with set (elastic solenoid) is intended for demagnetization and compensation of con-structions with diameter from 400 mm to 1440 mm and with value of magnetic field induction in welding gap up to 3000 Gs.

Operation mode of the complex is set by remote-control board which can work by twin-lead line and radio channel.

Technical specifications:
Supply voltage is three-phase 380 V, 50 Hz
Current consumption (for each phase), no more 15 A
Maximum value of demagnetized (compensated) field in welding gap 5 mm, 3000 Gs
Minimum diameter of demagnetized tubes 400 mm
Maximum diameter of demagnetized tubes 1440 mm
Maximum distance from set to demagnetized construction 20 m
Maximum voltage at solenoid 95 V
Maximum time of automatic demagnetization 7 minutes
Action radius of remote-control board, no less 20 m
Operation modes: 75% - operation period, 25% - rest period with 30 min cycle
Operation temperature range from -30°C to +40°C
Relative air humidity for 15°C 80%
Overall sizes of set (without solenoid) 610x715x550 mm
Mass of set with solenoid, no more 110 kg

By authority of rightholder. Russian patent № 42691.

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