Ultrasonic technique — INLAB


About company

Company "Ultrasonic Technique - INLAB" was founded in 1988. Nowadays this is one of a few Russian companies with full stroke of ultrasonic power equipment producing: from ultrasonic generators and magnetostrictive and piezoelectric transducers to complete ultrasonic sets and technological lines.

From the time of company establishing different types of ultrasonic technological equipment have been developed and produce.

Production manufactured by our company has been repeatedly noted by diplomas and medals of international exhibitions.

At this site short information about equipment manufactured is represented. Company has own manufacturing base for full self-dependent solution of designing and technological problem complexes.

Company "Ultrasonic Technique - INLAB" also deal with development of new technologies and equipment, related to application of ultrasound in industry and power engineering.

All our equipment is protected by patents of Russia.

The systematic investigations on the physical basis of the powerful ultrasound industrial use, the elaboration of the technology and the equipment for the metal and plastic welding, for the polymer cutting, for the abrasive-free ultrasonic finishing of metals and etc. led to the development and the deliveries of the ultrasonic industrial equipment.

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