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Automatic optical check of tube threads quality

Unit for optical check of tube threads quality I100-8

The unit is intended for operative automatic optical check of thread quality of tubing pipes with diameter from 60 to 89 mm.


The unit includes:

-          Pheumatic-mechanical device for fixing of tube position

-          Pneumatic system

-          System of technical vision for  the thread parameters control in two perpendicular sections

-          Device for commutation and technical vision interface

-          Computer for control, processing, keeping and displaying of information

-          Special soft

Performance data

Установка для оперативного автоматизированного оптического контроля качества резьб насосно-компрессорных труб НКТ. Productivity 20 thread/hour.
Voltage 380±10% V, 50 Hz.
Consumed power no more, 300 W.
Pressure of compressed air 30-50 MPa.
Overall sizes 1500х1400х1500.
Mass of the unit no more, 300 kg.
Supply of tubes direct-flow or reciprocal.

The unit allows to control the following parameters of thread:

1. Pitch of thread

2. Height of thread

3. Angle of thread

4. Angle of tread slope.

5. Thread cone ratio

Clamping and fixing of tubes are made by pneumatic system.

Measurements are made in two perpendicular sections.

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