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Welding and cutting of plastics

Ultrasonic welding press I100-7

The "Ultrasonic technique - INLAB" LTD elaborates and supplies the equipment for welding and cutting of plastics, reinforcing of plastic with metal, beading of polymer rivets. Ultrasonic welding press is destined for contact welding of thermoreactive plastics by ultrasound.

IL100-7/1 for setting to technological lines

1. I100-7/1 for setting to technological lines

IL100-7/2 welding machine

2. I100-7/2 welding machine

IL100-7/3 table welding machine

3. I100-7/3 table welding machine

Complete set of equipment consists of:

  • ultrasonic generator I 10-0.63 (can be supplied with more powerful generators)
  • magnetostrictive transducer
  • welding sonotrode
  • power module with built in key of pneumatic relay control
  • digital programmable controller of technological process
  • stand with pneumatic drive
Performance data:
- consumed power, max, kW,
(generator IL10-0.63), no more
- medium consumed power, kW, no more 0.3
- voltage 220 ±10%, 50 Hz
- working frequency, kHz 22±10%
- working air pressure, kg/cm2 5-6
- mass, approximately, kg 40
- forced water cooling of transducer  

Ultrasonic welding equipment is manufactured in different suits: US welding press (1) for setting to technological lines, US welding machine (2), table welding machine (3).

To client's desire welding machines can be completed with piezoceramic transducers.

Welding sonotrodes are developed and manufactured for a concrete configuration of weld and its' cost is defined individually.

Power of machines can be from 400 W to 4 kW.

Guaranty is 12 months.

IL100-7/6 hand ultrasonic welding pistol

4. I100-7/6-0.2 hand ultrasonic welding pistol

4. I100-7/6-0.3 hand ultrasonic welding pistol

Technical performances:

- Power depending on modification: from 200 to 400 W
- Power supply: 220V, 50 Hz
- Operating frequency: 22 kHz ± 10%
- Cooling:

forced air


- Power depending on modification: to 1000 W
- Power supply: 220V, 50 Hz
- Operating frequency: 22 kHz ± 10%
- Cooling: forced water
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